The Nettzer platform ensures that your Customer Digital Channel becomes the main channel to grow your business.

The Nettzer Financial Selling Platform (FSP) enables Financial Institutions, Mobile Operators, Credit Companies and Hire Companies to

Acquisition: Legally onboarding and Acquire new customers

Management: Ensure All Transactions and Communications are secure

Marketing: Salesforce integration

Our Customer Acquisition and Management Platform comprises of:

  • Flexible Pricing models to meet you budget
  • Cloud delivered SaaS service (though we can also install a dedicated system on premises if this is required)
  • Mobile Device software is delivered as an SDK to work with existing Apps or, if required, we can deliver a White Label App
  • We support both iOS and Android
  • We do not retain Customer Data unless by agreement
  • We provide full Call Centre fallback and integration for Verification, Support and Marketing purposes
  • Encrypted Text, Voice and Video Channels are supported

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