What do you need to sell Financial Products to a customer?

You need a two-way trust.

The customer needs to trust you and you, as the Financial Institution, need to be able to trust the Customer is who they say they are, in order to drive the business relationship.

The Nettzer Financial Sales Platform provides full lifecycle management of Customers.

Acquiring new Customers is the key part of any marketing strategy and ‘Legal Onboarding-aaS’ is a very attractive solution as it drives the anytime / anywhere opportunity.

Business Benefits

Acquisition / Onboarding

  • Anytime, Anywhere customer capture / approval with ID
  • Instant Approval if the Customer meets defined requirements
  • Provides an Auditable Process to meet Regulatory and Corporate Requirements
  • Full “White Label” App or SDK provided – including Image Template Framing and Document Analysis
  • AML, PEP and Sanctions Checking
  • Work Flow management

Cost Reduction

  • Very scalable solution
  • 80% reduction in Onboarding Costs
  • Transaction Based Pricing Model

Trusted Customers

  • Trusted Customer Transactions – Comprehensive Mobile Device Authentication and Encryption to “Banking Level” security
  • Bio-Metric Customer Identification ties the Customer, the Device and the Transaction together in the most secure way possible

Full Call Centre and Marketing Integration

  • Full Call Centre integration for Verification, Support and Marketing Purposes
  • Text, Voice and Video communications channels supported
  • Integration with Marketo, Salesforce and Excel to support Customer Marketing campaigns
  • Secure Mobile Forms support to make Customer Interaction straightforward and easy

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